Why Does Your Vibration Matter?

We hear people talk about vibrations but what are these and why do they matter. Every live animal, plant or creatures has a vibration¬† which can change with life experiences that happen to you. Vibrations start at 100 and go to above 500. At 100 the vibration is that of fear guilt, shame and hate at 400 and above it is at love, kindness happiness and joy. So you need to keep your vibration as high as possible as not only will you manifest your dreams better and faster but you will have a much better life too.¬† You might have heard about the experiment that was done with plants some plants got yelled at with negative words and others got told positive words of love and peace the plants with positive words said to them did really well the ones with negative words died and did not do well. This is because of the vibration so you might want to think about this message when you next do some gardening or even when you are with your family and children. Its an important message for you to know. We all get knocked down by life but it is important that when this happens that you do an activity to put your vibration higher again. Here are some of the activities that will help you to be at a higher vibration. Those people who live at a lower vibration most of the time will often use domestic violence on others and those at the high vibration don’t so this is something for you to think about. You attract to you what you are yourself so if you are living in a low vibration then you will attract low vibration people in your life. So being a high vibration is very important for your well-being. If you have just become aware of this it is OK to understand that it will take some personal work from you to deal with all of your issues just keep working at it and staying high as often as you can and you will get there you can only do what you know about. You can see a counsellor to help you to work on your issues and traumas. People of a high vibration value themselves and others they take care of themselves. They have good morals and values and self esteem that they live by. Also they understand that what they do to others comes back to them so they act with integrity and for the best of others and themselves. When they know they have a problem in an area of there life they do something to work on this to fix it and are continually improving their life and skills so they do better. If you are living in the city and don’t have much nature around you here are some tips that you can use. Get a recording of nature sounds to listen to have pictures of nature or even an indoor plant will do and pets are a high vibration too so be creative in how you overcome this.


Do some physical activity its great for your mental health and your emotional health and you will feel a lot happier at a higher vibration again.

Be in nature plants and all things in nature are high vibrations so they will help you to feel better again.

Watch a funny movie laughing is great for you mentally and physically and makes you feel so good and happy again in a high vibration.

Be around positive people this is great for your well-being and their positive attitude will rub off on to you so you feel good too.

Listen to positive happy uplifting music, also singing this is great for you mentally and physically and a very high vibration activity.

Listen to a spiritual podcast or music that will make your vibration high again there are lots of these available to buy on the internet there are also free ones too.

Being grateful for what you have you can write in your grateful book all the things that you have to be grateful for this will also put you in a higher vibration.

You write In my life today I am grateful for and write the things that you are grateful for try to write as many things as you can.

Also helping others being kind and volunteering is really good too and puts you in a high vibration if you don’t have money to donate you can still help and make a difference.


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