Intuition Is Always Right

How many times have we heard someone say i had a feeling about that? Later that feeling turned out to be right. Always follow your gut intuition about a situation or a person. Even if it means you stand alone at first. It is better to stand up and say something than just doing what every one else is doing because it is easy or safe. I would rather be wrong than not do the right thing and say something about what you believe is happening. Find out as much information as you can also and try and get as many facts as you can. Speak to real people with real life stories about the situation that way you can get the truth straight from the horses mouth and not third hand. Always say something and stand in your truth if you feel something needs to be said or done about a situation or a person. It is very good karma for you to do the right thing even if it is hard and you are not believed or supported at first. Often domestic violence victims will stay in a situation a lot longer than they should because they are afraid to speak out about a situation and fear not being believed and causing a scene.  Often family members will say later on oh i had a funny feeling about him or her but they stay quiet so as not to rock the boat. But if your gut says something is wrong with a person or situation. if you have a funny feeling about a person or situation i would say go with that and don’t be afraid to stand up. You need to do what is right not what is easy and quick. Ask questions get more information until you can find out the truth from real sources not third hand. So if your gut says there is something about that person or situation that is not right you are probably right you need to start finding out more information so you can get to the truth. How many times do we say to ourselves later? I wish i had done what my gut told me to do not what was easy or what everyone else was saying or doing. of course get as many facts as you can from both sides  not just what is popular and speak to real live people to get the facts. Sometimes the media lie, sometimes there are cover ups and bribes going on that you may not be aware of or there could money changing hands to have only one side of the story talked about. Sometimes people are threatened to stay quiet and not to speak up about what they know to be the truth. Speak to people on both sides and experts on both sides that way you can get to the truth of the matter. You can stand tall knowing you got lots of  information you need to make the right decision for you and others around you.

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