The Solar Plexus Chakra

For survivors of domestic violence it is very important that you work on your solar plexus chakra as this is all about taking responsibility in our lives and our personal power its feeling powerful . As i am a Reiki Master, a light worker and a Genome healer  we work with the body and the cells in the body and returning all back into love energy. I am also a life coach, neuro Linguistic programmer, Anger management and child care worker. I am also a domestic violence survivor so i understand how important it is to work on these issues.  So i would like to help educate you with what i know and give you some tips on what to do to work on this so you can do better. One of the first steps that need to take place for survivors of domestic violence is to find safety then working on other issues so you no longer attract these kinds of situation into your life. Doing personal work is really important and will help you understand and do better in your life.

This chakra rules the pancreas and the digestive system. It lies above the naval and the centre of our vitality and our power urge. This chakra nourishes our stomach, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and the liver. This chakra relates to our perception of different situations that we experience in our life and our life around us.  When frightened we feel tight in this area of our body. This chakra is yellow in colour. We feel our personal power with this chakra we realize that we hold our own power  over our own lives. We can change our future and our direction of our lives with this chakra. We take responsibility and consciously direct our actions in our own life. When this chakra is balanced  we hold our own power we don’t allow others to dis-empower us. We step beyond our personal circumstances and take actions. This chakra moves in a clockwise direction in the body. With this chakra we say i am powerful! This chakra is ruled by the fire element, the sense of sight and the musical note E. We use our  will to propel our imagination into action. We can define ourselves though our will with our desires and our own design. This is our seat of our strength we use the power of sight and concentration which helps us to focus and energise our will out into our world.


Here are some  questions to ask yourself to connect with this chakra so you hold more inner power.


1 what do your feel when connected with this yellow colour?

2 Now connect with this part of your body from the navel to the bottom of your breast bone.

3 What do you feel comes up for you when you do this?

4 What feeling, sound, taste or smell come up for you when you connect with this area of your body?

5 When you feel in this power what does this mean to you?

6 Can you feel in your power what does this mean to you?

7 Can you tell when abuse of power is used with you?

8 What does personal power mean to you personally?

9 What different types of power have you experienced or seen before?

10 Can you connect to your own power easily?

11 Can you use your own will power to change things in your own world or the world as a whole.

12 Can you see how using your own will can create change or peace in your world and the world around you?

13 Does holding your own power feel scary to you?

14 Does holding your own will feel successful for you.

15 how does holding your own will feel

16 Can connecting with this personal power in your body?

17Is it easy for you to do your own thing and to follow your own path or do you follow others who are around you?

18 Can you shine your light on being an individual?

Signs of a blocked Solar Plexus chakra


 digestive issues, muscle weakness, ulcers, diabetes, liver issues, poor self esteem, perfectionism, egotism, heartburn, eating disorders and indigestion.


Positive Affirmation to say to yourself i choose today and every day how i will think and act also behave with self confidence in me.

I can do all that i wish to do with my life today.


Spiritual number for self love is 157914

Cracking the code to me 319817318


For more information and help on healing chakra please look at my u tube channel Suzanne Rosemary Day.



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