Sacral Chakra Healing and Domestic Violence

I have done the following courses Reiki Master, Genome healer, Life coach, Neuro Linguistic programming and Face reading, Domestic violence, Anger management and child care worker. I am using the information that i have found helpful to me to put into my blogs to help others in need who have experienced domestic violence.

So what is the sacral chakra and how does it relate to domestic violence. The sacral chakra is the second chakra in our body and  is found in the lower abdomen in the public bone region of the body male and female. It relates to the sexual functions in our body. It is the colour orange and is connected to the ovaries, the testes, and the spleen, womb, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and legs. This chakra nourishes our reproductive area, glands, bladder, kidneys, genitals, uterus and our legs. It is ruled by the element of water, the sense of taste and the musical note of D. It moves in a anticlockwise direction and it connects to your etheric and auric body. This chakra says to you i am powerful and i connect to my inner power that is inside of me! Also that you feel! It is very connected to creativity and all forms of sexually also to children. You will see it showing up for you as vitality and passion for your life, your personal desires and nurturing of yourself. We see the beauty of others and the world around us with this chakra. It is how we take care of our personal well being and health when balanced. It is our creativity and our expression of our life. With this chakra we feel our emotions and use our creativity. When we have feelings for others they come from our sacral chakra. This chakra also holds our emotions we feel in our body.

When blocked

 You react to others, you can’t hold compassion for others, you can’t communicate maturely, can’t hold emotions for yourself, you are not aligned to your spirit.

You have uterine, bladder or kidney issues, stiff back, impotence, irritability, repressed sexuality, jealousy of others, lack of inspiration, deprive yourself of life’s pleasures and needs, are judgemental and demanding with others, get upset with others easily, expect from others but don’t give out to others yourself,  you feel internal pain and scream at others, you have an inability to calm yourself, your emotions run your life.

When not blocked

 you listen without reacting, you hold compassion for others, You are mature in your emotional communication, You are aligned with your spirit, you give to others and yourself easily, healthy sex life, physically well, enjoying your life, have creative flow and ideas, personal power and take empowered actions steps in your life.

In order to have a healthy relationship with someone you love you need to have done work on all these area that rule or are associated with the sacral chakra and your personal wounds. When you do this healing work on yourself all your relationships will improve and get better and therefore remove any chance of you being in domestic violence in your life. As your life gets better your vibration will improve too and you will attract healthier more high vibrational people into your life.  Working on any areas that are blocked  is a great idea so that you can do better and have a healthier relationship. We are all work in progress so we can all do better so our life improves. Here are some questions to help you work on any areas of your life that relate to the sacral chakra.

1 Ask your body how do these areas of my body feel?

2 How can i best support myself to be in balance and to hold my personal power.

3 What does the colour orange mean to you?

4 What feelings come up when you connect with your body and the sacral chakra

5 Do you feel comforted or uncomfortable with this colour?

6 What sounds, tastes, feelings and smells come up for you when you connect with this part of your body?

7 How does sexually make you feel?

 8 What desires come up for you when you connect with this area of your body?

9 How do you feel about sex?

10 What feelings come up for you with sex?

11What do you love to do that is creative?

12 Can you use your imagination to create new things in your life?

13 Are you a problem solver in your life?

14 Are you able to change the patterns of your thoughts and beliefs easily?

15 Do you look for ways to make changes in your life so it improves?


For more information on healing wounds on chakras please look on my u tube channel Suzanne Rosemary Day



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