Working Together To Create Change

Changes are made not from one person but from groups or lots of people all doing something about the problem.  It does not matter if the problem is domestic violence, human rights or some other problem. When lots of like minded people get together support each other and all work together big changes happen. Lots of small actions mean big actions happening in a town in a state in a country or even in the world. Yes sometimes there are one or two people who stand up and take brave action they are very important but we must not forget about all the little guys taking little small actions that all help the bigger outcome. We can all be a part of the solution and all help to do our part to create a big movement of change. Don’t wait for someone else to do it find something that you can do to improve the situation no matter how small it is because it all matters and helps to create the desired result. Start from what you know and can do and if you see another way to help then do that too. When everyone works together on a big project it gets done quicker and better. Other people can also learn from you as to what you found worked and they can then use that information and tip too. We all have our own way of working on things and you could come up with something that no one else have thought of or invented so sharing ideas is great for everyone. We all matter and are all part of the game of improving life and the situation around us. People working together on a common goal help and support each other in great ways that make it easier and better. Find something that you can do today to make domestic violence a thing of the past speak out, educate and help others around you to do better be a great example and role model. It is every one doing something that sees the biggest change to a better situation. Don’t think that your small action will not help because everything matters and helps the situation to improve in some way. if you don’t have much time that is ok spend what time you have to do something. We are all part of the problem and also the solution. No one likes to work alone but when you work with others you always do better and have more fun. Because there are lots of people all helping you don’t realise all the improvement that are being made untill  you see the bigger picture. You will be amazed at what you have all achieved and you can all cheer each other on as you work.

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