What Happens When People Around You Do Nothing?

So what happens when you are in domestic violence or any kind of human rights abuse and the people around you do nothing? This makes it hard for you to stand for your rights expecially if you are alone and afraid. When this happens it makes you feel even more alone and unsupported that no one cares about you and there is no way out of your situation. People who watch and do nothing when someone is being abused and attacked are the lowest of the low. It makes the victim feel that no one cares and even more trapped. Often the victims will feel more angry at the bystanders than their abuser who abused them. All it takes for bad things to happen is for those around the person to do nothing and just watch or turn away. This is what cowards do any one doing this needs to have a serious look at themselves and their life their values. You do not have to do anything personally here are some ways for you to help in this situation. You can share the information go for help, tell others about what you witnessed or be a witness in court procedings organize a support group to help the person, take photos for evidence and share on social media, contact the police, Get a group going who can help with this situation the more people the better. Because when a group of like minded people work together big changes take place every one doing something to help the situation. When a group of people do something the abuser will often back down feeling overwhelmed by the support for the victim. When a person does not get support from anywhere they are less likely to take action and leave situation. Sometimes bystanders will worry that if they stand up and say something that they will be attacked too. That is a reason why it is good to have a group of people standing up and saying something and all fighting together. Try not to act alone the more people the better. When one person does stand up and say no this is wrong it does make the people around them think and stand up too. All it takes is one brave person to say no this is wrong. I will not stand for this I want justice to happen here. Sometimes a crime is so horrific that people around the situation will turn away because they do not want to confront the thing that is happening. They block it out and try not to think or act about it but this is so wrong. In order for a situation to change you need to first confront it and face it head on so that you can start to deal with it. As it will not go away on its own but it will only get worse. So the sooner you stand up and do something about it the better it is. The best way to find out about a situation is to talk first hand with a victim and those involved to get the facts. Sometimes when horrific things happen people do not want to know or be involved but the problem is that sooner or latter if this situation is not worked on it will get worse and it will start to affect you. Then it will be happening to you personally and you need to decide which side of the fence you want to be on. Because seeing a crime happening and walking away or saying nothing could get you in a lot of trouble later. It is a criminal offense not to act so think about your actions here. So better stand up and report what you saw and do something about it. Sometimes when these crimes happen the words to talk about them are unspeakable and unhearable for others.¬† Often a bad incident caused by nature is easier to deal with then an incident by another human being. It can be very a traumatic and confrontable for you to deal with. But it is always the right thing to do so that this situation stops. Just think if it was happening to you what would you want to happen because this is your answer as to what you need to do here. When bad things happen those around may want to repress what they saw but they need to speak out for their own good mental health and the person involved. When others try to shut you down don’t let them but continue to speak out for good of everyone. Universal silence is never the answer and you will look very bad in the eyes of others and the law. Isolating a victim will not solve the problem but will make it worse for everyone. Many a truth teller will be attacked¬† for their story but be brave and continue to speak out about your truth.

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