Education About Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Complex trauma is really layered by patterns, dysfunctions, circuits and behaviors and not a simple fix. As every trauma is different every trauma recovery will be different and tailored made for that person to fit there unique situation. Also we are all different and like to do things in different ways so you need to do what suits you whether it be using a psychologist, a healer or religious way to heal from trauma. You can also use all of these if you which to. All these methods are good to use and will help you to do better. Reading books or listening to podcasts is also really great and you can get some really useful information in this way especially from other victims who have recovered and found ways to heal their own trauma. Being in groups is also really great to be with other survivors and feel that you are not alone in your experience can help you to feel better and not so alone. The more you know the better you will do knowledge really is power so remember to get information to educate you on your situation or the problems you are having. Someone else may of found a solution to a difficulty you are having that you could use so check out books shops and the internet for these sites. There is a list of books i found really helpful to me on my charity website that you could look at for help this could be a great place to start for you. My most important message to you is to not give up and as more methods and better ways of healing trauma are being found all the time. Also there is no one standard method or answer for what you are going through. Remember to do what feels good for you as you are your own expert on you and know what is best for you to do always. You could try lots of different methods to see what feels good to you and that is ok to do that if you want to do that. Don’t forget about art therapy that is really great for getting your feelings out so you express what you feel. As you need to feel your emotions to release them. This can be painful to do this but it is necessary to release these trapped feelings and emotions in your body. As these emotions and feelings are all trapped in your cell memories of your body and need to be released so you heal and do better. As a healer i am well aware that your cells in your body hold all of these emotions and feelings in the cells memories so you need to find a safe way to release these. Once these are released you will feel so much relief and be able to do better in life.

The difference between post traumatic stress disorder and complex is that post traumatic stress is from one incident where as complex is many different incidents so it is harder to heal and recover as you are healing from multiple  incidents sometimes a life time of incidents. There is also trauma in your lineage that you hold so this can be from other life times which is past on in the cells of your parents or your ancestors when you are born. The more work you do on all of this the better you will do in your life.


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