Role Models Matter

Role models matter as they teach you what works and what does not. They are someone for us to look up to when we feel lost or overwhelmed by life. If you don’t have a good role model in your family or friends then look around for organizations that you know that have a person who is a good role model for you to use. Having a person in your corner batting for you is so important in todays world. It can make a huge difference to your life and if it is a good productive life or not. Those people who grow up without good role models struggle to do well and to succed in their life.  Many of our values we get in the first stages of our life taught to us by those around us like family and friends. Those with not good role models around them will not do as well and struggle having the same bad values that others close to us have. We learn from what we see and hear in our day to day life and then use that in our life. So having someone with good values and a great role model can save your life. If we want to stop domestic violence then a good role model can be all the difference they can teach you other ways of living that are better for you. Some one to aspire to and look up to so that you do better. A person to go to when you fall of the rails or not do so well. Having someone like this who you can ask questions and watch them and is always there for you is so important and life changing. Don’t be afraid to ask someone great in the community if they can be a role model for you to use and watch get advice from. You will be surprised at what will happen if you ask and get help in your life to do better. Just because your family does not want to improve does not mean that you can’t do better. So be proactive and find a great role model for you to use so that you can have your best life.

Moral: Find yourself a good role model so that you have your best life!

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