Why Do We Need To Use Forgiveness?

Why is Forgiveness important? Forgiveness is done for the person doing the forgiving not the person who did you wrong. Forgiveness is a spiritual act that is done to show love to others and to yourself so you are put you back into love. What the other person does is up to them if they take responsibility or not. But when  you use forgiveness to someone you are doing it for your benefit and to help you to heal from what happened to you. It can be hard for many people to be forgiving of others and even ourselves. We need to be gentle and loving with ourselves and others. Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for what we have done to ourselves too. You need to remember that we are all doing the best that we can with the skills and abilities that we have. That we are all human and make mistakes and are learning as we go. So it is important to use forgiveness when ever you can so that you can do better and have a better happier life. No one benefits by staying in anger and not forgiving others. We all need to learn that forgiveness is important for each of us to have our best life. Wanting to take revenge or stay in anger is just hurting you so when ever you can learn to forgive others. Be the bigger person and forgive wish the person love and healing so they do better and don’t carry anger with you it will only hurt you. Forgiving someone does not mean that what they did to you is OK it just means that you have forgiven them for the act that they did to you. It is a spiritual choice that you make to help you to do better and to not hold anger in your heart. When we don’t forgive we are often very angry at the person which helps no one to do better. We understand that no person is perfect all the time and that we all struggle with things that we can’t handle well or have our problems. When you say that you have forgiven someone it says that you have moved on and don’t want to stay in anger anymore but are using love to heal yourself and others.


Moral :Use forgiveness in life when ever you can so you do better!

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