Postive Messages Every Where

Imagine if every where we went there were positive messages both being said by others and in print. Think about what kind of world that would create. Children would grow up feeling loved and caring for continually being reminded that they have value and matter. That we are all important that being kind to others is what we should all do. That you need to forgive others as we are all doing the best we can and are continually learning and becoming better people with what we know. Imagine if people complemented others said good things about them to lift them up not pull them down. Imagine if people said kind words to others to make their day better or to make them feel loved and cared about. Imagine if kindness and love signs were everywhere and there were signs saying it everywhere you looked. What effect would that have on the world? If we all did this it would be a completely different world nicer than what it is now. Imagine that instead of kids having games with violence they had games with love and kindness what message would this sent to them or where everyone wins. What kind of people would they grow up to be what values would they have? I know that just these simple things would make a huge difference to the world. It would be normal and ok to be kind and caring to forgive others to show them a better way to be. The violence and hate in the world would be less because it would be matched with love and kindness. Imagine if we all did something to make someone world better and happier. Imagine if when someone come to you and said I am depressed you gave them a hug and said I hear you and I will support you or what can I do to help you feel better. Imagine if positive happy songs where sang people would feel happier and would be free to be themselves. They would know what is really important not material things but friends and family and helping others would be normal and what every one would do. Imagine if people stopped to help strangers and to be nice to them what kind of effect would that have on the world.

Sometime I wonder how did we get to a world that violence in normal and how people behave. Well its what is on movies, videos, books, billboards everywhere you look there is some kind of violence like it is normal to behave that way. That it why there is so much violence and hate. So if we do the opposite and show love and kindness everywhere the world would change big time. So lets do this lets make it normal to be kind, help and love others. Let make love and kindness rule around the world instead of violence,  hate and anger! Lets make it so that when someone comes to you for help you help them and do something positive to make things better. Lets make the world a better place because we all did something today and tomorrow to make it better something simple and easy. Smile at someone, say something positive put up a positive sign up at work or home or for the world to see, play or sing a happy positive song, be kind to wildlife or the earth. It all matters and makes things better we can all do this if we all take part.

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