Working On Your Root Chakra

For survivors of domestic violence it is very important that you work on your root chakra as this is all about safety and security. As i am a Reiki Master, a light worker and a healer also a domestic violence survivor so i understand how important it is to work on this. So i would like to educate you and give some tips on what to do to work on this so you can do better. One of the first steps that need to take place for survivors of domestic violence is to find safety.

Root chakra

This chakra is all about safety and security. This root chakra actually holds all the other chakras up and supports them. The root chakra holds the foundation of our life, being the colour red, associated with touch and our senses and smells,  with the musical note c, our individuality and grounding of our body. When we are grounded into mother earth from our feet chakras ( with our shoes off feel the earth) below your feet. This chakra holds up our physical existence connects us to our family, friends and communities.  It is found in our coccyx joint in the body. It is the seat of our will to live and holds up our vitality. This chakra nourishes and connects to our adrenals glands, the kidneys and our spine and our legs. This chakra also connects to our etheric body which is the blueprint of our physical body holding all of our cells and organs our etheric body together. It can be a blue colour or sometimes grey. This chakra is saying i am alive and thriving in every way possible!

 Signs that your root chakra is aligned

 you stand your ground when needed

Your growing and leaning every day

You offer a hand up for others when needed

Your can manifest money when you need it

 you connect with your body easily Have a net of safety around you

 can breathe easily

Are able to release all your fears you have

You have strong willpower

Feel nourished and contentment

Trustworthiness and loyalty

 stable and dependable

practical and adaptability

Empathy and caring to others

If you are out of balance here are the signs

feel sick to the stomach are in worry and anxiety are feeling helplessness, you are a martyr, you are in self blame, are obsessive and needy, are unable to get help when needed, smother others, can’t create money that you need for your life, can’t digest your life, have trouble being in your body and feeling safe, over analyse situations, are in discomfort, can’t manifest what you want to, over active nervous system, stomach issues and over weight, using food as a escape from feeling your feelings.

There are many things that you can do if you have any or all of these issues to assist with your situation, to ground yourself, to work on your survival needs. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to get some helpful answers as to where to start and how you can do better.

How do you nurture and love yourself?

How are your basic needs being met?

Are your meals healthy and balanced?

Do you have enough food and water for your personal needs?

Do you get enough peaceful sleep?

Do you exercise daily in a way you enjoy?

 Are your finances secure and safe?

Are you able to accept help from others when you need it?

Do you have long term goals with your finances?

Are you able to accept free gifts from others?

Are your physical, emotional boundaries being used?

 Do you feel safe if not what action steps can you take to improve this situation?

Are you physically safe from attack from others? 

Do you ground yourself to mother earth daily?

 Is your current home safe physically, emotionally?

Do you have family and friends who support and love you?

Do you have support in your community?

What around you do you smell?

What sounds do you hear around you?

What do you see around you that is red?

What connection  do you have with your food that you eat?

Do you grow your own food or know where it was grown?

Do you need to work on some of your old beliefs that you hold?

What could you plant in your garden to improve your health?

Are you able to trust yourself and others easily?

Do you feel safe and secure in your own body?

Are you overweight? (this is often a safety issue) so work on safety issues.

Do you trust yourself and others?

Is your home safe for you? 

Are you living in fear?

Is it safe to be yourself and do what you love to do?

Think about what action step you can do to raise your vibration back into love again!

working on all of these actions will improve your life and help your root chakra to stay balanced and whole again. Take actions steps to work on as many things as you can so that your root chakra is balanced and feeling the love again. These are all great things for you to work on so your life gets better for you. Find ways to be and connect to nature, connect to the earth, gardening, holding rocks, sitting in nature, walking in nature, walking with bare feet on the earth. Holding red objects and those in nature, if you can’t be in nature you could have pictures to look at or visualize in a mediation. Plant healthy fruit and vegetables in your garden or in pots. Use spiritual shields around you to keep you safe, have boundaries set up or you could use a  spiritual fence to keep out abusers and you safe from their negative abusive energy. Listen to healing or counselors podcasts to educate yourself. Read books about self love and spiritual practices and domestic violence. Listen to happy uplifting positive music to help you feel good and happy. Work on healing traumas and wounds daily so you keep getting better. Practice self love to yourself and others. Be grateful for what you have now as this allows you to receive more in the future. Use positive affirmations and signs to keep you feeling good. Connect with those in your community and on line so you have a support system around you. Look at ways to increase your income. Be with positive persons who also work on personal growth.


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