Law of Karma and Domestic Violence

Any one committing domestic violence is creating bad karmic debt for themselves. So with this in mind  it is important for them and you to leave this situation as soon as possible as nobody wins in this situation the victim or the abuser. Raise your vibration and work on your own personal wounds so that you  no longer need  or want to be in this type of situation. Educate yourself on the cycle of domestic violence you can look on our other website for information on the cycle and abuse for help. Also from my u tube channel Suzanne Rosemary Day for videos on domestic violence to help you. Always call the police if in immediate danger. As i have done 4 healing courses i like to look at the situation from a spiritual view point so i hope you find this information helpful to you. I am currently reading books by Dolores Cannon who  talks about the universe and past lives and how the universe works i found these books very helpful to my understanding of how to do better and learn about this.

Here is some information on the law of Karma from Dolores Cannon in the book 4 of convoluted Universe. “You reap what you sow”. So what you purposely do to another person will then happen to you at a later date. You can’t treat people bad and get away with it at some stage you will pay for this in your life. It could be this lifetime or the next but it will come back to you and then you will experience a situation similar to what you did to the person. Karma always catches up with you and you will feel the same emotions and experiences that the person who you hurt. Karma is one of the universal laws of the universe that we live in. It has been a proven fact and event to occur and to happen on earth to many beings. This is why you need to be aware of what you do and how you behave or act so that this situation does not happen to you in a bad way. A good rule to use is if you do not want it to happen to you don’t do to anyone else. It even states in Dolores’s book that you can not get out of it even if you sucide as you will have to repay the Karmic debt at some stage to balance things out either in this life or another one. All debts have to be paid back by you until you are off the karmic wheel and are no longer in the 3rd dimension anymore. In Dolores book it says that you have a contract with this person that you made before you come to earth and this contract needs to be worked out. As it is a aggrement between you and another person that was made. All souls go through experences in each life time to learn lessons so that they do better in their life. If you break your contract you made it disrupts the other persons life plan that you made with them and this needs to be fixed up. So you come back in your next life on earth and do the same class over but sometimes it is an even harder lesson and experience for you. Everything needs to be completed so that you can go on with your life plan. All karma done is repaid by the doer who did the wrong. You can tramsmute the situation so that there is an understanding that has been worked out with this person you made a contract with in this. You can see a healer for help with this situation of cutting contracts with others and other issues. Every situation you go through has a lesson connected to it for you to learn and to do better. Their is always a higher purpose connected to what is going on in your life. When you have an understand of how this works you live your life differently. Often you will get enlightment from the situation that you go through. You can help others to do better and be of service to others to help them. Keep in mind the bigger picture that is playing out on the earth school. Having personal experience will help you to know how you can help other people so that they do better too. Knowing how a situation or experience feels gives you an understand and insight on how to act and wisdom that you can not get in any other way it can help you show others how to resolve the situation. You personally know how it felt to you and often you will not want another person to go through that same horrible experience. When you feel personal pain you often learn the lesson about this and then that situation will not happen to you again. Blaming others just creates more karma so try and look at your part of the situation and work on any issues that you find out about. Always look for the lesson that you need to learn so that it does not upset you in the same way or repeatedly happens to you. You can do some inner work on your wounds so that the situation is healed and you no longer react to the same situation, get triggered or upset. The book of records holds all the information about all our lives. When you go through hard situations it can help to bring balance to a situation so that it goes back into harmony in the universe. You can also cancel and cut up contracts that you have made in this life time or another. You can also draw up a new one for you to make that will work better for you. The universe mirrors back to you what you do to others so you get to experience how that feel for another person and hopely you change your behaviour for the better. You stop behaving like that and hurting other. When you have learnt the lesson the universe was trying to show you then you will no longer be affected in the same qway and you will go another way and behave different. The universe wants you to see both sides of a situation to experience how it feels to be a victim and an abuser. When you forgive another person for how they behave this will help to remove karma for you and them so use forgivessness where you can. Also you need to forgive yourself for not doing better in your life and all mistakes made in your past. It is a good idea to try and put as much good out into the world as you can as good things and experiences will always come back to you from this. Doing this action is a great legacy to leave the world when you are no longer on the earth plane.

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