What Are Feelings For?

So what are feelings and why do we feel them? Our feelings and emotions have a purpose to be able to survive we need them. They help us do well and get through our lives as we are beings we feeling things good and bad. But emotions are not good or bad they just are feelings that tell us what we are feeling and thinking. They help to motive us to do things and take action for what we love in our lives. In order to be able to communicate in a helpful way we need our emotions and feelings. We use our feelings and our body language to tell our stories in a powerful honest way. Feelings can also tell us when something is wrong and not working for us and that we need to change something. Also that we have been violated and our boundaries walked over and crossed. Often people will use their feelings to communicate that something is not right and our feelings can act as a signal to us to do things in another way or even to stop what we are doing to stand up for ourselves. Emotions are good and helpful to us they give us information in a helpful way so that we can make the right decision for us. An emotional healthy person has the right emotion for the right situation. They are in touch with their emotions in a good way having the full range of emotions available to them. Emotions can help us be brave and do something that we would not normally do when we are scared. They also help us to heal and cry when we need to as crying is the bodies way of releasing overwhelming emotions. All of this is healthy and what we all need to do from time to time so that we feel more balanced and happy again. Both men and woman need to be able to do this it is very ok and needed for men to cry when they need to. Being real is to be in touch with your emotions and to show how you feel it is not healthy to store up your emotions as this leads to anger and angry outbursts. It needs to be safe for others to show how they feel and to be real as to what they feel this is healthy and good. When you can’t control your emotions it is said that you are out of control and need to learn about ways to show your emotions in a healthy good way. See a counsellor for help with this so that you can do better. That way you will learn how to regulate and  have skills to help you with this.

Many a victim of domestic violence has stored up emotions of anger from what happened to them as it was not safe for them to say how they felt at the time of abuse. So finding ways to release and tell your story with emotions and their feelings is so helpful and good for you. It will help you to heal and to do better feel better and happier again. As these stuck emotions and feelings keep you stuck in your story of victimhood and trauma. Being able to tell your story with honesty and truth is empowering and helpful and will allow you to heal these old wounds in a healthy way. Use your old feelings and emotions that are stuck there in your past abuse so that you can then move on from this and not be stuck in your old story. Don’t ever block or stop your feelings that come up for you as you need to feel these again so that they are healed and released once and for all. Your feelings are telling you that you were hurt and injuried they are powerful and useful. Don’t be stuck in your old traumas and emotions. Very tense emotions can be hard to deal with and to feel but work with a counsellor so that you can heal from this.

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