Benefits of Working On Your Abuse and Trauma

Before I started writting children’s books i had no idea that i had that skill. But I was looking for a way to get my messages out into the world. Then I had the idea of writting children’s books and using that to get messages out to the world. Before I knew it i had the idea of what to write and how for one book then another.  Ideas for books were just coming to me continually as they are still now. Everywhere I go and everything i look at or listen to gives me more ideas. The same thing happened with my poems and blankets the words and ideas just come to me. I had never done anything like that ever before but the words just continually came to my head. I had so many ideas for projects and words to use just come to my mind that I had to quickiy write the ideas down before they were lost. This inner knowing and inner voice is a great way to take action when you have no idea of what to do or how to do it. The truth is your soul knows the way to go and so just get quite and take note of what comes up for you then take action you will be surprised at what you find. The ideas that come up for you  will solve the problem for you. We are all different and need to find our own path so do what works for you. Now I understand that as I was continually working on my self and healing my abuse and trauma i was finding all these magical ways of getting my messages out into the world. The other thing I did was be in nature which is very healing for your soul. These two things have been my way of healing what happened to me and part of my recovery. They have also been my answer when I don’t know what step to take or what to do next or get overwhelmed or confused. The idea of my next step will just come into my mind so this is what I have done with the charity and with the business with the books, the poems any other projects i want to do. Who knows what skill or ability you have until you try it. I find as i am growing and learning other ideas and possibilities come to mind as ideas are really everywhere. The more you work on yourself and your beliefs and improve your life the more things will show up for you when you need them. Just keep taking action and improving your life. For me i have gone the spirtual path and listen or read some thing spirtual daily for someone else it might be religion but do what works for you.


Moral: Continue to Work on yourself and listen to your own voice!

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