Only You Can Complete Yourself!

We hear people say or sing that they complete or fill someone well this is actually not possible. Only you can complete you. If you are broken and need healing you are the only one who can do the inner work so you are really healing and doing well. if you need another person to complete you or fix you then you are being co-dependant and not whole. Wholeness comes from inside from being healed and a whole person who has worked on them self and their own issues and does not need another person to complete or fill them to feel OK. If you are looking to outside things like sex, money or another person or what ever to fill you up and feel OK then you are looking in the wrong place. It all starts with feeling good about yourself and doing lots of inner work. It is a personal journey that only you can do with yourself. You can go to a counsellor and get them to help you but you still are the only one who can do the work.  One way to help you with this is to do work on your self esteem or inner child to help you to feel whole and complete and not needing another person. This is really important work to do because everything that you do is based on your self esteem it shapes your whole life and all your life decisions. It all starts with you and feeling good about yourself and what you are and what you believe about you. Having high self esteem means that you value you and what you are, that you are taking good care of yourself in all ways mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial. So many victims of domestic violence have self esteem issues before abuse while it is happening and afterwards. So once they have left domestic violence they need to work on this issue as a priority because it sets the tone for everything else in your life. Domestic violence actually attacks a persons self esteem so you need to do this work for you to have a good life again. Don’t even think of going into another relationship until you have done this important work. Before you can be with anyone else you need to feel whole in yourself. Then you can want another relationship but not need one. There is a big difference needing one means you are not whole and need another person to feel whole.  Wanting one  life’s journey. There are lots of courses on line or courses that you can do at home that work with self esteem. One that I found that is really good is called the self esteem workbook and is written by a psychologist by Glenn R Schiraldi. PHD. I have just completed doing this with great exercises that you do in your workbook to work on your self esteem. There is a photo of the workbook above for you to look at.

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