Domestic Violence Can Happen To Anyone Anywhere



Domestic violence happens in every race and every type of person across the world it does not discriminate to only one colour or age or group of people. It can happen in lots of different situations and groups of people old, young, gay, straight, black and white, male and female it does not care it can happen to anyone, anywhere that there is a power imbalance. So it is important that when we say we want to stop domestic violence that we include everyone so that everyone is supported and helped. We need to support all people from all walks of life so we all feel of value and important and safe. That is why I included everyone in my charity because domestic violence is domestic violence it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is of if you are a man or women or age or gay or straight it is still a violation of you and your rights.

Because the truth is we all have value and something to offer the world we all have a voice that needs to be heard. We need to stop judging people from their skin colour or age or type and judge them from their behaviour and their values that they hold. We need to treat everyone as equal and of value not less than. One way to make racism a thing of the past is to include other races of people in your groups, in your workplaces, in your friends and treat everyone the same not different. By doing this you are making it normal to include everyone from different groups and races. One way I did this was in my children’s books where I published different coloured children as they were so beautiful I wanted to use them to show that we are all equal and the same. This was in my twin book where I showed different coloured twins and types of twins that you can have. But if we all do this simple thing it will make excluding different groups and types of people a thing of the past. We are all equal and have value and something that only we can offer the world to make it special. Having people from different backgrounds makes life fun and interesting. There is so much that we can learn from other people and their customs or lifestyles. So remember to include others and treat everyone as equal and having value to offer you and the world. Treat every one as the same there is good and bad in every race and group from around the world. Pick the person from the values they offer to the world.


Moral: Treat everyone the same and of value!

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