Law Of Attraction And Domestic Violence

You get what you concentrate on so if you are living in domestic violence or have lived in domestic violence you need to change your thoughts and actions so that you can have a better life. it is a great idea to see a counsellor who works with domestic violence to work on your last relationship first before you go into another relationship. Clean up your last relationship first before you go into another one very important. You want your next relationship to be healthy and happy so it is not a repeat of your last or of more domestic violence. Keep away from people who are negative and low vibration as much as you can so you can have a happier life. It is OK for you or others to sometimes be there when something bad or upsetting happens (to be a low vibration) but if the person is always there or there a lot keep away as it will affect your life you do not need that.


Our life is controlled by our thoughts and feelings and beliefs so if you want a happy life you need to have happy positive thoughts that you believe in and you need to value and love yourself too have good self esteem. Be around happy positive people so there energy rubs off on to you and makes you happy too. You need to believe in your thoughts for it happen for you. So you need to do actions that help you to believe it like singing happy songs about it, witting it down is also very important and helps you to believe that it is going to happen for you, have pictures and affirmations about it in your home, office or car for you to see often. Watch movies that look like what you want to happen or the person you want it to happen with. The more you do this the easilier it will be for you to believe that it is going to happen. What you believe is what will happen for you so you really do need to believe that it is going to happen or has already happened for you so that it comes true. Keep doing this until it has happened for you. Get yourself a empty exercise book and daily if you can write down what you want to happen for you. This action step is really important a book that talks about this is called  “Write it down make it happen” by  Henriette  Anne Klauser. 

At the moment I am wanting to be with my soul mate so I am writing down in my book how my life is with the partner that I want and all the things that I want to come true. What it is that I want to do when with him how he made me feel, what he did etc.  Write in as much detail as you can all the feelings you have too. You need to really feel it like it is happening for you or has already happened and how it made you feel. It is important to do this when your vibration is high in love and peace so it will manifest happen for you. Information on this is on another blog on this website so you can have a look at this it will help you. its important that you do not give up and keep working on this. Remember when writting to put in all the behaviours and personalty traits that you want in your relationship you will be amazed at what happens. When i sing songs I am singing songs of how I want our relationship to be and the song has a picture of a man that looks like him and me singing the song. Try to make it as real as you can be creative. Because your mind does not know the difference between real and make believe. I also have a photo of him and me in a heart shaped photo frame that look like me and him next to my bed for me to look at often.  For me this is easy because i know my soul mate i have meet him and know what it is about him that i like and is special to me. I picked him because of what he is and what he believes and does his behaviour that matter the most to me.

You can do this exercise with a house, a car, a soulmate, your work anything that you want to have in your life. Go to a $2 store and get a board to put everything on. I also have a vision board with pictures of what I want to happen in my life cut out from magazines i found with the wording and pictures of what I want to happen for me. I cut out positive words that match what I want like words like success, love, happiness put these on your pictures to help you and have it where you see it every day. This is another easy way for your to manifest what you want and does not cost much just some of magazines and a board for a couple of $$ easy for anyone to do.

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