The World Is What We Make It!

The world is what we make it good or bad it is our choice our actions decide how the world will be. If it will get better or worse? All our actions make a change they affect the world around us and the people around us our friends and family our towns and community. So I say lets all make a change for the better. Lets make the world better with kind acts that is really all it takes everyone doing something to help another person and improve their life or even your own. If every person on earth did a simple kind act today and every day what an amazing world we would have tomorrow. Then all we need to do is to keep it going with small little kind acts and this world as we know it would change so fast. It really would get better and better for everyone and there would be peace where there was war and domestic violence would be less abusers would work on their issues, victims would go for help and leave abusers. Don’t leave it up to the next person we can all take action and do something small to help someone. Just think how good you would feel doing a kind act for someone it really does make you feel better and a happier person and to have a happier life to make a difference for others and use what to know to help someone. Instead of complaining about your life be proactive and make a difference for the good of everyone. I would rather live in a world that is getting better and better and using kindness is the tool to do that. Think of what you could do for someone you don’t have to do big things as small actions are just so good and they are simple. The more positive, kind people in the world the better it is for everyone, play happy music, talk positive, put positive messages up for others to read and use, read inspiring books, forgive others for their misdeeds (you do what you know). Walk away from trouble you don’t need it be the better person. Make your life about kindness, love, growth, doing better and learning every day. Surround yourself with positive happy people who also have this goals. Don’t worry about what you have done in the past today is a new day and a new chance to do some good for yourself and others around you. Be grateful for what you have this is the way to move forward. All that needs to happen for things to get better is to spread a positive message and be kind because when you do this you encourage more people to be kind and caring and positive it grows and increases more and more. Till the whole world are involved in this and isn’t that a great thing to happen for the world. When you see a situation that needs to change say something do something don’t be quite.

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