Be Positive Role Models For The Children That You See

Role models for our children matter. We can all be role models to the children we see around us. Of course parents, family members, teachers, police and those in authority are the biggest role models, but that does not mean that we can not all help and be a part of this. If you see a child doing something wrong kindly say something to them and suggest better ways of acting or doing what they are doing. I find it sad when something happens and every one just walks past not doing or saying anything to make it better. If we all step up and be a part of this big changes would happen to the world. Children do what they see and hear from what is around them its that simple. A child who grows up in a home of domestic violence thinks oh that is the way men treat women or even women treat men they think it is normal and OK. They need to learn that no it is not normal and not acceptable. If they watch violent video’s to them that is the way to behave to solve the problem it is a learnt behaviour they were not born with that belief. if they listen to angry aggressive music they believe that is OK too. It all paints a picture for them of what is normal and the way to go.  The way to live your life and work through problems. So your input can make a difference to the life of a child that you know and see. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a difference in a child’s life. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to know that a child’s life is going to be a bit better because of you and the time you spend talking and helping them. Well you can do this the only person stopping you from stepping up is you so go ahead and be a bigger person and make a change for good in the world. You might be the only person available to teach this child a valuable skill that they need and you don’t know how that can affect other lives in the  future. It all matters and helps a person to be a good person who adds to the world and makes it better. Wouldn’t it be a good legacy to leave of making things better for someone in need because you took the time to talk or show a child something important that they need to learn to have a healthy and happy life. Well the change can be you so I leave it in your hands that you will do some good to help a child in need that you know about.

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