Take Small Steps Every Day

If you take small steps every day you will soon reach your goals. Lots of small steps lead to big changes in your life. Keep working daily or weekly to reach your goals. Don’t give up and keep working at it until you are there. A big goal is achievable when you make it into small actionable steps it will not feel so overwhelming to you. So set yourself some small steps that you can take daily or weekly to get there. Remember to reward yourself for the hard work that you have done in achieving your goals and getting better. Lots of victims of domestic violence get overwhelmed easily but when you take little steps to get there your goal is very reachable and easy. You will achieve amazing things when you keep working at it in lots of small steps. Keeping looking for more ways to heal and do better in your life and have these part of your plan to health and well being. You don’t have to stay in old ways that have kept you trapped. There is always hope and new ways and advances in science and ways to healing yourself so you can do better. Talk to other domestic violence survivors and see what they have found helped them to heal and do better. Just keep working at it and don’t give up is a message I would like to get out there. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you work in this way. Don’t look at your stress condition, panic attacks or disorders as a fixed condition not treatable. There is always hope when you keep trying and working at it and being open to change and improvement. Do what you find works and helps you to do better and make these part of your daily plan. When we work on ourselves and improve our lives it creates a platform for others to do the same and work on themselves too like family, friends and work colleagues. When our children see that their parents and caregivers do work on themselves and improve their lives they see this as being normal and what to do in their life. You are being a great role model to teach your children that taking time to work on your goals and yourself to do better is normal and healthy and what we should all do as often as we can. Also to value and to take care of your needs this is healthy to do this. You could take a course, read a book to educate yourself or a workshop, see a counsellor, a podcast they are all great ways to make things better for you and to improve. Just because you lived one way once does not mean that you should live that way for the rest of your life you should be getting better and better as you grow and learn more. You need to do what works for you cos what works for one person may not work for you as we are all different. So do what you find works for you and helps you.


Moral: Continually work on yourself to improve so that you get better and better!

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