Kindness Program With Stop All Domestic Violence

Stop all domestic violence wants to promote a program in Lithgow and surrounding towns of using kindness to help and support others. If we all do one kind act every day to others we will make a big difference to lots of lives. Lithgow is the town of kindness. So I would love residences, business owners, charities, visitors to promote and use kindness to others to get the message out there as much as we can. Your single little kind act could save a life and really make a difference for others in a big way. You don’t need money to do this you can do things that are free. Like give a hug, a smile, buy something small for someone, pay it forward, be a support to someone needing help and not doing well, listen to someone, to lend them a hand in some way, open a door, thank them for what they have done for you, make them a cup of tea, give them a chair to sit on, ring emergency services for them, wish them a good day.

It is very easy for everyone to take part in this program. We need to teach it to our kids too so they grow up doing kind acts to others as a normal way of life. Lets get this out to the world so we are a great example of what one small mining town can do to change and improve the world for others. Lets show the world how it is done by our kind acts and have lots of fun and support each other in the process.

I have written stories and poems about kindness and put messages on blankets as a way to promote it so far. I would like to see everyone in town join in to get this message out there. I am going to promote kindness stories for others to read about on our business website.

Do you have a kindness story that you would like to get out there as it is a great way to get your business or charity or Organisation promoted. As Local Direct are going to be promoting this website for us. We can promote our town as the friendliest and kindest town in the west of NSW. This is a win- win for everyone and lots of fun to play. I will be giving out kindness leaflets in town and around promoting this program.

I will be promoting great kindness stories each week so you need to be in it to get promoted.

Please send your stories, poems, songs to so I can put them on the website.
Contact Suzanne 0432354823 Lets get our great town known around the world and the place to come to.

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