Why Being Grateful Is So Important In Your life

We have all heard about people talking about being grateful but what does this really mean and why is it so important in your life. When you are grateful you are living your life at a very high frequency or a vibration.  Every thing in the universe has a frequency and being grateful for what you have is very high. So try to live your life from a place of gratefulness because when you are grateful you allow more good things to come into your life and that’s good very good you want more and more good things to happen in your life. I have an exercise book that I write down daily all the things that I am grateful for in that day. It goes like this I am grateful in my life today for———- whatever it is and I usually do a whole page of things I am grateful for in that day. Try to make it so that you are not writing the same thing every day you need to be creative and write them in a different way so that every day you are writing different things that you are grateful for. The more things you can write about the better it is and the more good you will allow into your life.

The more you use grateful as a way of living the more effect it has on your life and it just becomes a normal way of living. Sometimes a person thinks that they have nothing to be grateful for but that is wrong because everyone has something to feel grateful for. Even if it is the air they breath and clothes on their back the clouds in the sky or maybe even the rain. When you are grateful you are a nicer person to be around and people will be more drawn to you as a person. It also makes you more positive, optimistic and happy person and that is a  good thing. Those that are grateful are more spiritual and are better connected to themselves and their feelings. They are usually less depressed have better moods and less fatigue. Another point is they are more aware of their environment and help others out a lot more and voluntary often.  A person’s wellbeing is also higher with less stress and because there is less of the stress hormones like cortisol in the body like increased oxytocin, the bonding hormone involved in relationships  that allows you to feel so good is also being released at this time. Being a grateful person is a way of perceiving and interpreting life and you are in touch with lots of other positive emotions also that have all the physical benefits. Being grateful for what you have will make it easier for you to meet new friends and to have more support in your life you are more gracious and willing to take part in projects more. Those that are grateful have been found to do more exercise too.

The research shows that when we are grateful the parasympathetic or calming part of the nervous system is triggered and that also has lots of health benefits for you and your body. There are studies that show that being grateful is actually good for your mental and physical health so you are improving your health as well as attracting good things into your life. It also lowers your blood pressure improves immune function and the endocrine system plus it helps with your sleep. Another study found that those that were grateful had better heart health with less inflammation and healthier heart rhythms.  Another study found that those that are grateful in their life had more disease fighting cells in their bodies. So were much healthier and it can improve the effects of ageing on the brain. So there are lots of good reasons to use being grateful in your life as a way of living these are just some of the physical aspects that are good for you and your body. Anyone that is in Domestic Violence needs to work on all the positives to improve their life so they get out of the negative cycle of abuse.


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