Positive Affirmations And Abuse

How do affirmations help abuse victims? They help by creating a different way of thinking and creating your life. Using positive affirmations creates a foundation of positive ways of thinking and feeling. When you are abused you often are very depressed and sad and your abuser often says lots of negative words about you so you feel very bad but using positive affirmation creates a positive way of thinking and feeling and you are saying good things about yourself and your abilities. You can use affirmations in lots of ways having positive pictures or words around you in your home or car or work space to see continually have them on a board for you to look at buy little cards for you to read and place around the house Louise Hay has these on her website they are called though cards. You can look online and get lots of great ideas for positive affirmations to say to yourself  to write down in a book or just to say to yourself in your head or out loud. Daily always use affirmations that personally mean something to you this will create the best result. There is a book called “Write it down and make it happen it talks about how writing down your affirmation makes it happen even quicker. I bought a big exercise book and wrote down my affirmation for me to say to myself  and write down daily. There are also recordings that you can listen to you can find these on line too.

Another way of getting rid of all the negative thoughts and words in your life is to write then down on pieces of paper I have had a lifetime of abuse and negative words said to me and I started to write down all the negative thoughts and words in my head. I had so many I went for months writing down all the negative words I was thinking to myself. It went for months daily writing all the negative stuff I was carrying around in my head. You write what ever thought comes into your head do not qualify it just write and let the thoughts flow out by writing them down in this way. I felt that I was getting rid of them so that they were not playing continually in my head. I found this practice very helpful to me and a way to get rid  of the stuff and recordings in your head.

Because what you think about and say to yourself is it what will happen in your life so if you think about the negative things that is what is going to happen to you and you will attract more negative things to happen to you. That is why being with an abuser is so bad because you get programed with being and feeling bad and all you see and feel is what your abuser is saying to you. In this way you are attracting more and more abuse to your life. So it is best not to be with an abuser because it is very hard to live with someone like this. The abuser needs to do work on themselves before they look at being in a relationship again.

Here is another way to remove negative beliefs from your life.


Get yourself some paper and and a pen and write down the belief then under that write and ask yourself.

Using this little exercise can be very powerful and will help you remove lots of old beliefs that you have and no longer serve you.


Why do I believe that?

is it true?

What might I be concerned would happen if I did not Believe that?


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