Why Kindness Works

Kindness works because it is the right thing and the best result to happen for everyone concerned everybody wins its a win win situation. So when you have a choice always use kindness its best for everyone and every situation. When you are kind it creates a ripple of others being kind and that flows out to more and more people so more and more people are affected by the kindness that is shown by your simple little acts. If everyone in the world did simple little kind acts it would create such a beautiful world it would make such a difference to so many people and so many people’s lives. Small kind acts done by everyone creates big changes everywhere everyone just needs to do there little bit and that little bit adds up to a lot that can go world wide. What you give out is up to you because you can give a little or alot it is your choice and decision and how you feel and what your situation is. Kindness does not cost anything and it can be done anywhere and with any one and in any situation. So it is easy to use it everywhere with everyone. What is kindness well it is treating others nicely, helping others, being supportive, being kind and caring, being nice and polite, understanding others, showing love and support to others and yourself, feeling well in yourself, being honest in what you say, accepting beauty and love above hate. Wanting to punish another person because of acts they have done to you is actually just hurting you it does not work. So when you have a choice choose kindness that way everyone can win. When you get this you will understand why hurting another person does not actually work and is really just only hurting you that is all. When someone acts badly think about why they would be doing that? What is there motivation maybe you could explain to them that hurting others is really just hurting themselves that it does not work. They may not have that understanding yet so educating them so they know about this could help them to do better and when you know better you can then do better in your life. Love and kindness overcome anything it is the most powerful force in the universe that there is. Some research says that kindness is in your genes it decides how kind and generous you are their are two hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin that are suppose to hold this information in the body.

Here is the thing what you give out to the world as far as actions and intentions and gifts and love always comes back to you in some way so you can’t lose. You can only win in this situation in fact everybody wins which is the best outcome for everybody. So try to always use little kind acts to everyone that you come in contact with and help to make other people’s lives better and easier. Being kind is really good for you and for your mental and physical health so your health actually improves when you are kind to others. Is it really going to hurt you to be kind to someone is it going to take that much from you. Every one can just walk by but what about the other person and how they feel. Being kind to others gives you a great feeling and you will have a happier life as a result of this. I always think what would I want to happen in this situation if it was me how would I feel what would I want others to do and act towards me. Thinking this way gives you the knowledge and the answer as to how to act and what to do in many situations. Because what you give out to the world is what will come back to you always. Maybe not at the time but in some way at some time in the future it seems to always work this is how the universe works. The Universe listens and watches to all our actions and responds.

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