How To Deal With Anger

Many Domestic violence victims have anger issues because they stuff their anger when they have been in domestic violence as they do not feel safe enough to say how they really feel. So it is helpful for victims and abusers to do a anger management course because they will be educated about the types of anger and what type they have. If you stuff your anger you will  only explode at a later time.  No one wants to explode at the wrong time or the wrong place so learn to deal with your anger in a better way. It is also very bad for your mental health and physical health to stuff your anger so it is best to find ways to deal with it in a healthy way like doing exercise, going for a walk, writing in a diary about your feelings or talking to a counsellor, doing some breathing. Another great idea is to write to the person once you have cooled off to tell them how you feel and also what you would like to happen in the situation and to offer solutions. Abusers will find it also very helpful to be educated and learn better ways to deal with their anger in an anger management course instead of taking it out on victims. I would recommend getting educated about anger so that you are aware of what you are doing and how you can improve your situation for you and those around you.

Anger is not good or bad it is just an emotion and often it can be used as a tool to let you know that you have been violated in some way and that you need to take care of your boundaries better. So when you feel yourself getting angry use that as information that something in not right and you need to take care of yourself better and look after you. That someone has violated you and your boundaries in someway so use it for good to get intouch with your feelings and needs and what is important to you. Also find out what your triggers are and what makes you really upset and angry this information is powerful and very helpful in dealing with your anger better. So use your angry for good to help you and to do better have a plan of what you will do when you do feel angry and violated this is helpful to you and everyone.

There are three anger styles stuffing your anger and dening that you are feeling angry, escalating, directing often your angry type has been learn from others or earlier situation. Escalating is when you use You statements to the person you are angry at and only makes the situation worse for everyone. Directing is however very productive amd you are clearly saying how you  feel to the person who has violated you. Try to use I statements I feel angry at you when you do this. It is helpful for everyone when this  method is used. Look the person in the eye and say how you feel and what you are upset and angry at. Having a plan to deal with your angry bombs is a great idea for you. Also informing the person what you expect from them and their behaviour is a helpful way to make the situation better. Find out what kind of anger you have? short fuse, big explosion,long fuse, or volcano with anger  trapped inside. Also where in your body do you store your anger become aware of this so you can help yourself to recover. In what ways  do you express your anger throw things, scream, shou,t punching something. The more you understand about your anger the more you can improve how you respond to things that anger you.

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