How To Spot A Narcissistic Personality

Here is some information on what a  Narcissistic person is so you are not one of the victims of their bad behaviour. The Narcissistic personality is actually a mental illness. You will find that they have a inflated sense of self and of their own importance. They have a need for attention and admiration from others. Their past you will find is fulled with troubled relationships. They lack any empathy for anyone else they are unable to feel for anyone else. To diagnosise them you need to be a qualified expert  to do this. Usually they are charming in the beginning and will love bomb you. Then they will tell you how good they are. They think that they can only be with very special people. If you do something to disappoint them they will turn on you. Another thing they will do is to tell you after just meeting you that they love you. But real love takes time to develop it is nurtured and grown over time. If someone tells you when they first meet you that they love you, that is like a warning sign that something in not right with them so be weary. Another thing they will do is to take over the conversation talking about how good they are and not letting you have your say about anything. They want to talk about how good they are and why they are more special than you are. Doing this makes them feel good about themselves and boost their low self esteem. If you look into their past you will find that all their friendships are just casual acquantances. They will tell you that you need to spend time with them and if you do not they will make you feel guilty. Another thing that they will do is berate you for the friends that you do have. To spot a narcissist look at how they treat you this is a telltale sign. Are their friends long term or not? They will pick on you starting small but increasing over time. You will feel continually targeted by them.  What you wear, what you do, it will all be talked about they may even say jokes about you. Their goal is to lower yourself esteem this makes them feel good knowing that you are suffering. They have low self -worth and when they make you feel bad they feel powerful. Their ego is increased with their need for continual compliments. Narcissts need other people to lift them up so they feel good. They also love to punish others so they feel bad. They have trouble feeling for anyone else but themselves and their own needs they “don’t do feelings”. They lack the skills of validation, understanding and acceptance of others. They have no concept of feelings if you try to talk about your feelings with them they will get bored when you are feeling upset. They can not empathize with others or show any signs of sympathy with anyone. Their relationships always collapse because they are false. They are self- assured and very confident that they are always right in what they say. They want others to adore them and tell them how good they really are. They will not listen to what you say and they are always right and talking about themselves. Narcissists feed off self confidence from others because they lack any self esteem. They have a need for continual praise from others to feel good. They will use you then spit you out when they are finished with you. They love to be around highly empathic people because they will help them and reward them.

Here are the 8 traits of a Narcissistic person


1.Grandiose sense of self importance

2 .Preoccupation with a fantasy of their unlimited success, power or brillance, the beauty of themself and love

3. They believe they are special and unique. they want other high status people or organizations to love them

4. They need excessive admiration

5. They have interpersonal explorative behaviour

6 .They lack any empathy for other people

7. They envy others they have a belief that others are envious of them

8. They are arrogant and have  haughty behaviour and attitudes.


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