What Is Healthy Self Esteem?

We have all heard of self esteem but what really is this and how do we get it? We all have self esteem some low and some high but to live our best life we need high self esteem so how do we get this. Well the best way is to become educated about what self esteem is and you can also do a course which has lots of great information from a leading psychologyist. He has written a workbook that you can do on your own at home which has lots of great exercises and information for you to read about and learn. His name is Glenn R Schiraldi, PHD.

The book is called The Self Esteem Workbook

For more information about self esteem you can look at our charity website

When you have high self esteem your world is better and happier. It is an appriecation for yourself the postive feelings you have about yourself and your life. People with good self esteem have a positive view of the world they see others as equal to them. So many victims of domestic violence and abusers have self esteem issues so this is a way for everyone to work on their issues. It is a cheap easy way to do some work on you so you have a better life.

So What Is High Self Esteem?

Unconditional love to yourself

Believing in yourself

What you are as a  person

To apprieciate you for being you

When you think about you being you

People With High Self Esteem Act The Following Way

Treat everyone as equal

Work on improving themself

Admit when they are wrong

They love others from choice

They have a secure base to operate from

They have a can do attitude to life

Work on your self esteem so that you can have a happy and healthy life.

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