What To Do Once You Are Out Of Domestic Violence!


If you have just got out of domestic violence I understand how you feel because I have been there where you are now.  I would like to give you some helpful information and tips that helped me to do better. Once you have left and your safety has been taken care of here are some things that I found helpful for me. I would like to use my experience to guide you so you can do better.

1.First educating yourself about domestic violence so that you understand all about the different types, the warning signs, the myths. Learning about healthy boundaries and self esteem, what your core personal values are and anger management are so great and will help you to understand what you have been through and why you acted the way you did and what you can do to feel and do better and start to heal. Womens centres or crisis centres and the Domestic violence support centres have great information and courses for you to do. There is also a list of books for victims to read on the charity website some of these books are workbooks so are like little courses you can do at home.

2. Next you need to get healing for yourself so find a good counselor who works with domestic violence this will help you to do better and recover from the abuse. Victims of crime or community centres  have lists of great counsellors in your area.

3.Another great exercise to do is to do some work in art therapy and use art to express how the domestic violence made you feel so that you release all of these unwanted feelings. Doing something creative about what hapened to you is so good for your well being it will help you to heal from what happened to you. It can even help other victims with their journey so they do better. You want to be mentally healthy again so that you can be in a healthy relationship and have a healthy life.

4.Another good thing to do is to look at your diet and physical exercise cause these matter and will keep you healthy both physically and mentally well. So make sure you are taking care of  you reading a book to educate yourself or talking to a dietician are great ideas to get some great tips for you. It is all part of the big picture of you becomming the best version of you and having your best self.

5.Use this time to get intouch with you and find out what your life purpose is? What is it that you really want to do with your life. It matters that you do something that you love and enjoy and are passionate about. You might need to get educated in that area and do a course or read some material. It is all good and will help you to do better and be a better person. We are all learning and growing as we live. You might want to do something to help other domestic violence victims and use your experience to make a difference to the life of other victims. That is ok that’s good there is nothing like personal experience to help someone else who has been through what you are going through. You can make a difference and help someone else just make sure you have healed your own emotional wounds first.

6.Each person must make their own journey after domestic violence and there is no right or wrong way only your way and what it right for you. Personally I found doing spritiual practices very helpful but if that does not work for you then look at what works for you because we are all different and must make our own journey in our life. I find reading books to educate myself, yoga, mediatation, listening to spritual podcasts very helpful in my life path but do what works for you.

7.Do some self love what ever that looks like for you! Could be a nice bath, time in nature, eating healthy food, spending time with friends and family but do some things that you love like having a massage. You need to learn to love yourself again and to take care of you in a healthy loving way. Do what make you feel loved, valued and good in yourself, surround yourself with postive people and things. If you do all these things you will be be on your journey to a great healthy and happy life again.

If you are struggeling at any of these stages then go for help and get the support that you need. Domestic violence can affect you for many years and it is not weak to reach out for help.

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