What Happens When You Purposely Hurt Others?

I am not talking about when you fly off the handle on a bad day or get triggered by something and you respond. But when you have purposely knowningly done something hurtful and upsetting to someone to hurt them. What you do to others will come back to you in someway at sometime in the future. It all matters so as much as possible think of the other person and try to do good where ever you can to help and send love to another person. None of us are perfect we all make mistakes and do the wrong thing and in these cases say sorry to the person and work on doing better next time. I  always try to think of the greatest good for all what would be the best outcome for everyone. Another way to look at the situation is to think how could I make this situation better what could I do to help. When you work on the greatest good everyone wins and does better and that is what you want. When bad things happen to you they can test you and be upsetting but sometimes it is to make you even stronger than before. If what has happened is really upsetting take a break until you feel better but don’t give up. Go back when you feel stronger and sometimes you might need to work at it bit by bit so you are not overwhelmed by what is happening. That is ok if that is all you can do but keep moving forward in some way even in tiny steps this is ok to do this.

When someone is hurting you purposely it is about them not you. It just means there is more work  for them to do in this area of their life. Keep moving forward with your progress and getting better and let them deal with their own issues. Karma and the universe will catch up to them at some time in the future for their bad acts the universe takes note of what we all do. It may not be fair but sometimes you can not do anything about a situation. Just keep moving forward and doing the best that you can. I think to myself how sad that person is like that and has to hurt someone else to make themselves feel better or more powerful. They must be in a lot of emotional pain to do that to someone how awful is that a way to live. Cos really they are just hurting themselves when they hurt you. If you need to see a counsellor this is a great idea or find some way to heal your emotional pain like a course, a book to read or something spritual that helps you. If you still feel anger write a letter to the person to get your feelings out don’t sent it the letter is for your benefit. You can also do some exercise to help you to feel better.

You need to learn to forgive the person for what they did to you and that can be hard too it takes lots of work on you to really forgive someone for what they have done to you.  The more you can forgive someone the more you can move on and have a better life. When you have an understanding that we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and skills we have and none of us are perfect we are all work in progress. The more you can understand this and forgive them for their bad acts against you the better you will be. Carrying anger is not good for anyone so you need to find a way to release the anger that you feel. So you can forgive them for what they have done to you. Being angry only makes you physically sick and no one wins then. Don’t worry about pay back or anything like that the universe will take care of them in it’s own way at the right time. Just worry about you getting better and healing in any way that you need to or feels right for you. The skill of forgiving gets better and easier the more you practice and understand about things. Just because you have forgiven them does not mean that what happened to you is ok. It just means that you have personally forgiven them for what they did to you.Forgivenss is for you and the person to heal from what happened.

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