Psychopaths and Domestic Violence

Psychopaths and Domestic Violence


I lived with a psychopath in domestic violence and it did my head in because I could never win no matter what I did I lost everytime. It was a crazy game that I lived in for months and years trying my hardest to do well and get out of the situation that I was in and to improve things.  All that happened was that continual mind games where played with me. I kept thinking this person can’t be this bad because here they are trying to help me so there must be some good in them. But true psychopaths don’t care about anyone else its all about them and what they need. I finally had enought and bravely left him and had a better life. While I was having counselling my counsellor told me about a book called living with a psychopath he suggested that I read it and I did. It was such a  revolution to get educated about this. What a true psychopath is and often you don’t think the person is a psychopath as they are in the background being very quite.  What you don’t realise is that many psychopaths are in the background purposely making things around you fail. Not all psychopaths are loud and aggressive most are hidden in the background doing things behind your back. I found it really healing and helpful to read about this and the book goes on to talk about if there is a business or project that is failing quite often there will be a psychopath there somewhere causing trouble to you and your life and the best thing you can do is leave quitely. That you can’t win with them and their behaviour. The book was called “Living with a Psychopath by Tim Merchant” its a great read and very educational tool to have so you can spot a  psychopath and keep your distance.


Here are the Common Signs that some one is a Psychopath

Socially irresponsible behaviour

Disgarding or violating others rights

Inability to distringuish between right and wrong

Difficulty with showing remorse when done the wrong thing

Often lie

Will Manipulate and hurt others knowingly


The Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath


Psychopaths are more manipulative they are more charming.

They lead a more normal life. they do some criminal activity

Sociopaths are more erratic-rage prone. they can’t lead a normal life.







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