Pick Your Friends From Values They Have


Pick your friends from values they have


Today I would like to tell a true story that happen  to me. I was at home with my son who was about three years old. We were in the kitchen at the table and Jim was colouring in pictures and Andry a African man came to our house to see me. He was a business advisor I met him at the business meetings in the local community. He had been helping me for about four months with my business and also teaching me about advertising information and my son knew and talked to him often. I made Andry a cup of tea and we were talking in the kitchen with Jim there colouring in on spare paper. Jim started to draw a picture of Andry and to colour it in black crayons. I looked at the picture and said to Jim you are colouring in the picture black. Jim said back to me well Andry is black I looked up at Andry and laughed and said oh yes he is too smiling at Andry. You see I had never noticed his colour his race. He was just this beautiful man who came to my house every day to help me with my business. I was a struggling single mum running a business and he was helping me in so many ways and supporting me and his race his colour of his skin had never mattered to me I hadn’t even noticed that he was black. He was a kind and caring man who was helping me for free when I needed help and was alone. When I could afford it I would take him out to lunch for helping me in so many ways it was my way of saying thank you to him for his wonderful help and kindness to me. For many years he was a wonderful friend and I will never forget him and the kindness to me and my son. I have had friends of many races papua new Gunia, Asia, indian, Fiji and Maori to name a few they have all enriced my life in wonderful ways.

The moral of this story is to never to judge a person from their skin colour and race because we all have gifts we all matter in  this world. Some of the greatest, nicest people are the people of other races and skins. Its not important what colour their skin is what matters is how they treat you, what they do in the world and how they behave also what their values are. These are the things that matter not skin colour or race ever. So my advice is to always pick your friends from the values they hold and their behaviour because colour of skin is of no importance at all. There are good and bad people from every race and colour on our planet.

We all need to be treated as equal and if you see someone being racist or attacking another race you need to stand up and say no not ok. It is up to all of us to stop this bad behaviour when we see it occuring so that everyone is treated the same. Because we all matter we all have the same needs and feelings and a right to live in the world feeling loved and accepted with the same rules. We can all protest in a safe and caring peaceful way when we see bad things happening around us. Never ever use violence or antisocial behaviour to get your point across as no one wins doing this. I even have different skinned children in some of my books for



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