Educate Yourself About Your Condition

Educate Yourself About Your Condition


One of the best things that you can do if you are told you have PTSD is to educate yourself about your condition so you know all about it. Get books out of the library to read or buy them on line. You can also look on line for information or ask at crisis centres and help angencies they have lots of helpful information too. Doing courses is also a great way to educate yourself because when you know more you do better. There is also a list of books I recommend for woman and men to read about domestic violence and trauma it is on the charity website There are some really good books about trauma that talk about what happens to you and your body when you have experienced trauma. When you understand what is happening to you it will make you feel less frightened and you can spot what your body is doing. Also you will know what you can do to get it back to feeling safe and happy again. Here are some of the great books that I have found that helped me to do better and know what is happening to me and how to deal with trauma so I can recover better and sooner. You will find lots of great information and tips about what helps your condition what other trauma victims have found helpful and works for them. Remember an abuser is responsible for your abuse,  but you as a victim are responsible for your recover and becoming a survivor and doing as well as you can again. So use these tools to help you because you will do so much better and your life will improve in so many great ways. You don’t need to think of PTSD as a life sentence because there are also things like NLP from a life coach and healing courses which I have found to be very helpful and healing for me to use as a way to get better and improve my condition. I would reccomend these as a way to help your condition and get better. Here are the best books I have found so far that I recommend you to read.

Trauma and Recovery Judith Herman M.D

The Body Keeps The Score Bellel Van Der Kolk

( He is the world expert in PTSD and has spent his life researching what happens to the brain when it has been through trauma or triggered by trauma).

This book is really amazing and life changing there are lots of pictures to show what he is talking about and how the brain deals with trauma.

It is easy to read and lots of helpful tips for victims to use of what he has found helped victims to heal and do better.

The Brain that changes itself Norman Doidge M.D

The Complex PTSD Workbook Arielle Schwartz


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