Postive Reinforcement To Improve Behaviour

We have all heard of positive reinforcement but what is it really. It is commenting on what is good. When I worked in preschool I used it with little kids and was very popular to use with little kids to get improved behaviour. Little kids love it and they really shine when you use it. But really you can use it anywhere and with anyone. When you comment on what is good you get more of that happening which is great.¬† Adults really love it too so you can use it with adults and anywhere where you want a improved situation to occur. It is a great tool that I use often. It is more positive and happier to talk about what it good because who really wants to hear someone saying bad things about others all the times it is very depressing and we don’t need that. Also it is very upsetting to say the negative things about someone and makes them feel even worse than before it actually does not help them at all. I think it is important to lift others up and to make them feel better and happier not worse. So always look for the good the positive that is there because there will be lots of good available for you to look at. So if you want a situation to improve and get better just look for the good that is there and talk about that and then you will find more and more good things that are there. You will be amazed at how this works and how many good things you can find when you look for it. Also how the situation will get better look for the helpers those that are making things better and positive and promote and talk about them so get more of that happening. When bad things are happening this is what I do to improve the situation so that it will get better. It also follows Law of attraction and gratitude you get what you think about and what you talk about. When you are grateful for what you have you get more things to be grateful for and the situation always improves. It is how those that like to think positive act they look at the positives and don’t worry about the negative at all forget about them. It is a great tool that couples can use to improve their relationship tell your partner some things that you love about them and see how their behaviour changes for the better and how much nicer they are to be with. It makes them want to be with you and they will put more effort into the relationship so it is better. You could use this in a work place too and you will see a difference¬† to how everyone is and acts. This is such a great way to improve your situation for the better with some simple kind caring words to others. It is something we can all do to make our family our community and even the world better. I love positive reinforcement it is so cool cause everyone wins and does well as a result. Next time you want to tell someone how bad they are stop and look for something good in the situation you will feel better, the person will feel better and do better and the whole world will be better as a result of this. So lets all use positive reinforcement to get our lives better and the world better.

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