Mental and Psychological Abuse

Living with an abuser is very hard but when the abuse is mental and psychological and not physical it is even harder. This kind of  abuse is called Gaslighting. Others can’t always see this kind of abuse that is happening to you but it still hurts you inside there is still damage being done to you mentally every time it is happening to you. Having a person continually putting you down and saying very hurtful words to you over and over again does hurt you emotionally.  You will be damaged mentally and will have to do work on yourself to repair the damage that is done to you later. Often the person at the receiving end will be very depressed and will stop doing things in their life that they love. Their self esteem will be very affected by this abuse they will be afraid to take steps in their life even simple things will be affected. Just because it is not physical does not mean you are not being hurt because you are you will often stop being yourself and doing what you enjoy in your life and this is very sad for you. No one should have to live with this abuse and put up with another person treating you in this way. The longer you are living with a person like this the worst it will get for you so the sooner you get out and away the better. No one should have to live with a toxic person they are very damaging to you the victim of this abuse.  The person doing this abuse needs to do some work on themselves and get themself some help so they do not hurt other people with their bad behaviour and negative words. Often the abuser will do this type of behaviour when no one else is around so that no one else witnesses this kind of abuse that is being done to you. What these kind of people like is to get the person on their own so no one witnesses what is really happening and then no one will believe you and what is really happening for you. You are not helping the abuser by staying with them you are actually enabling their bad behaviour and making it so they don’t change and work on their issues. I know that for a fact because I stayed and kept wanting to help my abuser but i was not really helping them but allowing them to continue with their bad behaviour. If all victims take some steps and stand up to this type of abuse then the abusers will have to get themselves some help. As no one will want to be around them and here is another thought if they are doing it to you they are probably doing to others victims too so stand up and say no if not for you then for the other victims because their will be other victims. All victims of abuse need to stand up and say no that you will not put up with this kind of abuse and then the abuser will have to get them self some help.

You need to see someone about this abuse because it is abuse and you need to get yourself some support to help you and you may have to leave the situation until the abuser gets himself or herself some help. Because it will not improve on its own  you have to take some action steps to make it get better. Go to a women’s centre or crisis centre or your local police station who will help you with this abuse. They will give you information about dealing with this kind of abuse and what steps you can take to help yourself and get away from the abuse and to see it for what it is abuse and against the law. Educate yourself about this abuse because the more you understand about the abuse the better it is for you and the more you will be able to take steps to improve your life and to have a better life. Most crisis centres have courses they run that support and educate victims of abuse so they can deal with it better and can make informed decisions and they will have a better healthier and happier life as a result.

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