How Is Stalking Abusive

Stalking is abusive because it is a form of control and manipulation of another person. A person who is stalked will feel frightened they will feel watched and unsafe. They may not know what is happening for them or what is going to happen next. They may be afraid to go anywhere or to do anything they will probably want to stay at home and will try not to go out. It is a violation of another persons rights to stalk another person. Being watched all the time is very frightening especially when the person stalking you has been very violent to you before and who knows what they are planning it may not just be stalking. Having a person watching everything that you are doing and where you are going is very scary you never know what to do or where to go and how much information they actually have on you or what they are planning to do with you and what they know about you. This not knowing is very unsafe to live with and a person being stalked will feel frightened and be very hyper vigilant of their safety. They may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and other mental illness as a result of stalking. Often they will be on the look out and watching everything going on around them. I know this for sure because I was stalked and I was so frightened that I  would wake up every hour from my sleep and check out the windows to see if anyone was watching me I was that afraid of my ex partner who had his family and a private detective following me and watching me everywhere I went and recording back to him as to what I was doing. He couldn’t stalk me personally at the time he had earlier though because he was in jail for manslaughter of a policeman in a domestic at the time but he had other people doing it on his behalf. You feel overwhelmed and frightened being stalked always weary watching when you are driving to see who is behind you or around you. I still do this still feel fearful of someone watching or following me or if a car is parked outside my house or near me when I go somewhere in case something happens and he does one of his threats he has said to me from before. When you go out try to go out in a group with friends or family around you and always let others know where you are going and what time you will be back so they know if they need to be worried about you or not.

But sometimes stalking is done so that they can get you alone and commit another violent offence on you so you need to report all stalking to the police. When a person has stalked you what they are doing is illegal so they need to be stopped you need to stand up and say no to stalking and no to all forms of domestic violence don’t let another person abuse you in this way. You can log all the incidents of them stalking you in a book so that when you do go to the police you have a record of what they did and when also taking photos can help with this too. But if you do take photos just do it in a way that is safe for you because this could make your situation worse if they see you taking photos they could get very angry with you. All stalking needs to be reported to the police so they can take action to get it stopped and this will help you to feel safe again. Stalking is taken very seriously now so don’t be afraid to go to the police and to report it so it stops! Another idea is to get alarms and security camera put in and also tell your neighbors and friends so they know what is going on for you and they can watch to make sure you are safe and no one is watching you. Another idea is to have them drive past your house or watch out for you this too can help to let the stalker know that you are not alone because that is what they want to get you alone and isolated and afraid of them.  Let them know that you are being supported by others and the police and are taken care of the more people watching out for you the better it is for you and the safer. Let the stalker know that you have a team around you and if anything happens to you someone will know and tell the police.

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