Bullying The Effects On A Victim

Bullying it seems is happening everywhere in workplaces, in schools, in families. It needs to be stopped because bullying has such a terrible effect on a victim. Because the victim will often feel isolated, alone, attacked and afraid of having a voice. Sometimes they stop being in groups and with their friends and will hide out at home to stop the bullying from taking place but they should not have to do this. Everyone should feel safe to be with others in groups and not separate from everybody else and alone. Bullying is a crime and it is illegal for it to take place and needs to be stopped. Usually the person being bullied is different or special or has stood out in some way. A person being bullied will quite often feel depressed and sad and will worry about doing their job or being with others. Sometimes this is hidden from everyone but themselves and they are afraid to tell anyone how they really feel. Some victims even suicide they are so violated, alone and depressed that they feel there is just no help or way out for them or that the abuse will never stop and they will never feel safe again. If you think someone has been bulled what you should do is at least ask them if they are OK and if you can do something to help or support them. Say to them that you are their for them whatever they need that you will go with them to report the abuse to authorities. Then report it to someone that can help the situation but  be active and do something!

We all need to stop bullying from taking place and be proactive when it happens. Speak out always think “How would I feel if that had happened to me what would I want to happen for me?” What would I need to happen to feel OK and safe again! Educating the Bullier is also important so they understand the effects of what they have done and how they have made another person feel they need to understand the effects on the victim.  This should help to stop them bullying others but if it doesn’t then more action needs to take place for them to stop bullying another. Don’t stand by and allow it to happen because you are allowing a crime to take place.

What can you do about bullying you might ask well I say the same as when you see domestic violence happening speak up tell some one because it is abuse and is another part of domestic violence.  Another very important point always, always support the victim let them know that you are on their side and are there for them. Just having one person on their side and wanting to support them can make such a difference in a bullied persons life. You could be saying their life that is how important and how much of a difference it makes to have one person support and hear them it is so very powerful. All it takes for bullying to take place is for those around the abused person to say and do nothing and that is not OK and makes you part of the problem. For Bullying to take place it just takes others to watch and not take action or stop it from occurring so be proactive and take action about it and then it can stop. Go and see someone higher than you who can do something about the problem you don’t have to speak to the bullier but you might some times that can work if it is safe for you to do so.  Also having others stepping in when it is occurring is a great way to let the bullier know that their behavior is not OK and needs to stop and when the bullier is pulled aside by a group of people and is the loner then they will not bully.


Here is information on a book about bullying that I wrote for school children. The book is called Adventures of Constable Teddybear in Teddybearland.

It is available on our charity website

or our book website



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