Violence At Work

So what do you do when violence happens at work this can be a very difficult situation for you to get out of as you may need financially to keep your job. You may have to look for another job so that you are not abused at work and feel safe.  It is actually illegal to have violence at work or anywhere and the person who uses violence in a work environment can get in a lot of trouble for this. You should speak to your manager or Human Resources Department if this is possible if not then speak to your Manager.  If it is your manager that is abusing you then it is even harder for you to deal with and you will need to get outside help from an organization like work safe could be an option for you. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work no matter what work they do and who they work for. Violence is not ok for you to live with and you need to take a stand against it so that it stops. Violence can take many different forms  in the work place it can be verbal abuse, written abuse, harassment, treats, bullying and intimidation, physical and sexual abuse, robbery, malicious damage even bomb threats. Sometimes this violence escalates and follows a pattern sometimes it does not. Violence at work can be from inside your organization and workplace or from an outside source. You can receive this  treatment from other staff, clients, customers, or even the general public violence from anyone at work is not ok  Those that commit violent acts at work usually are not one off occurrence and there is often  a pattern of this violence that has taken place. Some businesses are more prone to abuse than others and your manager will need to take steps to keep you feeling safe so that you have a safe work environment. Always tell your manager or Human Resource department about any abuse that you have received so that they can support and help you with this. Many organizations will have a  private person or counselling groups you can go to for counselling to help you to heal and recover from any abuse you have received. You may also receive training at work to help you to deal with overcoming this violence at work. Often there are steps that can be taken to protect you from the abuse you receive at work like security control measures some actions are more risky than others and your work place will often take steps to keep you safe. There are laws in place that protect workers against discrimination and harassment. Some of the bullying that can take place in the work place are  yelling, screaming, abusive language, continually criticising someone, isolating or ignoring a worker, sabotaging someone’s work or their ability to do their job. You may suffer from trauma from incidents at work you can not always prevent all these incidents from taking place but there are some procedures to minimise their impact. Always get help for yourself afterwards to help you to recover from this don’t dismiss the problem you need to go for help and communicate the problem to someone who you feel safe with. Sometimes work can be a fun place to go to and you may have lots of friends at work but other times it can be difficult. Sometimes you can contact the offender and a quick chat can sort out the problem other times you need to take the matter  higher to improve the situation and to stop the abuse but you always need to speak out about what is happening for you. It will be empowering for you to set boundaries at work so you are keep safe. You may need to contact the police for help with the more serious incidents that have taken place in the work place.

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